Monday, October 4, 2010

Yowza, I need to post more...

I've discovered (the hard way) that my body does not get along with Poison Oak at alllllll. After spending one summer day tending to the overgrown garden I awoke the next morning with small blisters/boils all over my arms, legs and chest. Aaaaand then they got worse:

Aches all over. Crazy boils the size of McNuggets. It was a scary sight. But after two weeks of antibiotics everything is back to normal. Phew.

While on the subject of scary/awesome. Here's a photo I took of a mean little spider just seconds before he jumped from the playground right on to the camera. I was quite proud of the fact that I didn't scream. I remained calm and just brushed the little guy away trying to keep my cool in front of the kids. :D

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