Monday, June 24, 2013

I'm still here, El Guapo!

Here's a little astronaut fellow that started off as a quick scribble on some paper, that was then fleshed out with a micron + pentel brush pen, and colored in photoshop. I've started on the 30 Day Drawing Challenge that The Autumn Society posted a while back, and this happens to be day 4's topic... "Favorite Place".

 I've been fascinated with space for the past couple of months ever since my kids were gifted an old telescope sometime last year. Unfortunately they lost interest after a week or two, but I've been dragging the telescope out every chance I can get. Braving the cold winter nights just to get a glimpse of Jupiter. Swatting bugs away in the warm spring nights to take in Saturn. I even ended up buying and old DSLR just to have a go at some astrophotography. (Still lots to learn) 

So right now, Space is definitely my favorite place. :)