Friday, February 5, 2010

I'm with Coco-coco-coco-coco!

I see it written everywhere.... "I'm with Coco"
But instead of seeing Conan, my mind conjures up Coco from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. Yar!

© Martin Corba 2010


Chelsea Kirchoff said...

Totally radical! I love the colors! I just added you to my link list btw.

Wayne B. Medina said...

Hey Martin! I love you stuff. very fun and it brings a big smile to my face. Just wanted to say thank you for following my blog

Hado said...

Chelsea: Woohoo, Thanks for making me a part of your list o' links!

Wayne Cheers mate, thanks for stopping by. I really enjoy your sketches & character design. :D

Chloe Donile said...

I have to say Coco is #2 on my list Eduardo is #1. BUt I still love this!

P.S. I'm totally adding you to my Link-O-Artists!

Hado said...

Hi Chloe! Thanks very much for adding me to your links. That really made my day. :D

PS: I love Eduardo too. :)