Sunday, January 24, 2010


Planned on posting more often this year, but already I'm off to a bad start. Here are some wookiees for Duncan. Cheers.
Scanner broken. RARRR!
© Martin Corba 2010


Chelsea Kirchoff said...


Shoki said...

Chewie: RRrururrrrfffffrrrrr!
Han: I'm sorry, I don't speak Spanish.

Awesome sketches, are you going to continue with the alphabet series?

Hado said...

Cheers Chelsea. Perhaps I shall doodle some more Star Wars characters.

Hey, are you going to the Motor City Comic Con this year?

Gunstar RARRRRRR! Thanks mate.
And yes, I should probably continue with the alphabet doodles. I believe I'm on to the letter N.

*me strokes beard and ponders*

michael robertson said...

cool!...nice blog all the way around!

Hado said...

Michael, thanks for stopping by. Your blog is a real feast for the eyes. Follow your blog I will.

Chelsea Kirchoff said...

I might be going. I'll let you know as the date draws nearer! You?!

Hado said...

Probably too early for me to tell, but I'm aboutt 90% sure I'll be there. :D

Amanda Atkins said...

yayy wookies!
That's what I like to call little dogs. :)
Thanks for becoming a follower on my blog! I like your stuff. :)